We will cover all the necessary steps for you to own an Rcfe business

The whole process can take between 6 months to over a year depending on your experience, city, state, etc. Sit back, enjoy life, family and continue your daily existing business or job while we do all the work for you. Initially, we will give you monthly updates, then weekly and, in the last stages of the process, daily. The regulations might differ from state to state and city to city but it will follow the following basic stages:

  1. Get your Rcfe business owner and administrator licenses – for the classes needed, we can recommend a few companies that we work with
  2. Choosing a location – Our Real Estate team will help you find the perfect location for your next business. You can choose to purchase a property or lease one. We have proven business models to fit both situations. We will do a Market Analysis and come up with several options for you to choose from. In case of a lease we will negociate such terms to lessen the financial burden until the business is up and running (sublease, airbnb, etc).
  3. Fire Marshall pre inspection: we always do this step sometimes even before buying or leasing so we can be sure we are aligned with city and state regulations
  4. Construction of the facility.We have professional contractors that have experience in this particular field and will bring the facility up to code and to meet the Rcfe requirements. Professional furniture can be either leased or purchased
  5. Preparation for the application – the application can be a long, very stressful and strenuous process. We will spend all the time and resources to collect data, document and fill in all the paperwork in your name. We will maintain the relationship with DSS, collaborate with them regarding eventual corrections and speed up the process.
  6. Send the application and follow up
  7. Fire – Marshall inspection: we will be present at the inspection and follow up with the city/fire department for possible corrections
  8. Schedule the final DSS inspection
  9. The Final Inspection : This is the moment you were waiting for. This inspections can take half a day and it’s extremely important to have somebody experienced at your side. This includes physical facility inspection and also document verification on regulations and procedures

So you have an Rcfe. Now what?

  • Advertising, open houses and filling the facility to full capacity. This step is a key factor in the whole process as it is a business and requires money to function. It is very important to have close to full occupancy from the beginning as there are a lot of expenses that need to be covered. Our goal is to have at least 50% occupancy within the first 2 months and then keep it to 85%-100% for the duration of the business. We work very close with hospitals, Snfs, Assisted Living and other referral and placement agencies so our experience would be of tremendous help at this point
  • Consultancy, book keeping, financial planning and audit. Follow up is key especially for a newly established business. We recommend at least 6 months to a year consultancy and audit contract.

As you can see, we have everything covered. Our experience gives us the confidence of a successful business and we’re willing to share with you tens of years of experience in this field. We’ve build our own businesses following this model and they can always serve as an example for your success.

The initial costs for an Rcfe, excluding real estate costs will be between $35 000 and $45 000 depending on design, furniture, size, regulations, etc. The amount includes, market analysis, preparation, application, construction, fire Marshall and DSS.

Consultancy contract will be $1000/month for the first 6 months and includes marketing, resident placement, staff training, residents evaluation, business consultancy, audit.
Consultancy and audit contract after 6 months will be $299/month or $500/visit